United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

UNDP works with the Government and people of Pakistan to develop local solutions to development challenges. In an evolving development context, we support Pakistan’s efforts to build a more equitable, prosperous, peaceful and resilient society, and to achieve its SDGs and COP25 targets. UNDP promotes transformational change by fostering strategic partnerships with national counterparts in the federal, provincial and regional governments, civil society, the private sector and the local and international community. UNDP supports transformational change by providing technical assistance focusing on developing capacity within national and local authorities, providing solutions with strong monitoring and evaluation tools, and delivering programmes with maximum efficiency, transparency and accountability.

In respond to the growing threat of climate change, UNDP is supporting various projects across the region in Pakistan to mainstream environmental concerns into national development planning processes; and to expand access to environmental and energy services for the marginalized communities. In particular, UNDP has sought to ensure that the vulnerable people have stronger capacities to manage, adapt to and monitor climate change.

Plastic Waste Management has been UNDP’s priority for the past few years. UNDP intends to promote sustainable and responsible producer/consumer practices for a cleaner tomorrow. In this regard, UNDP is partnering with both the government and private sector to devise innovative and viable solutions to manage plastic waste as well as reduce the end line waste currently being dumped in open pits or landfill.

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