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Nestlé Pakistan

Nestlé's purpose is to unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. We focus our energy and resources to protect and enhance the environment and generate significant value for our shareholders and stakeholders alike.

With plastic waste continuing to accumulate in landfills and in our oceans, endangering wildlife, tackling plastic pollution has never been so pressing.
Our vision is ambitious: a world in which none of Nestlé’s packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter on land or in seas, oceans and waterways.

In particular, we are doing our best to reduce our plastic waste by increasing our use of recycled plastic, reducing our use of new plastic, and helping create circular systems that make it easier to collect, recycle and reuse these products.

By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable and we will reduce our use of virgin plastics by one third.

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