Lucky Core Industries Limited

LCI Limited has embarked on a journey towards creating a greener and cleaner future for Pakistan. Its polyester business continues to take lead in most innovative and unique technologies for the textile downstream sector. Under the sustainability agenda, the business has introduced the first traceable and sustainable 100% RPET domestic brand, Terylene Clean.
Terylene Clean, salvaged from post-consumer PET waste, has recycled more than 250 million PET bottles and saved carbon dioxide emissions that are equivalent to plantation of more than 200,000 trees. By 2023, the business aspires to recycle more than 1.2 Billion PET bottles per annum. In addition to this, LCI continues to develop a number of social partnerships to build ecosystems improving PET waste collection and recycling. Such initiatives include working with various NGOs such as:

  • Green School Certification with Lahore Biennale Foundation and Punjab Education Ministry to recognize schools for adopting sustainable practices
  • Waste Collection with Aabroo Foundation whereby Aabroo collects PET bottles from households/institutions, sells them and uses the proceeds to sponsor education for underprivileged children. LCI is playing its part to expand their bandwidth so more kids can get education
  • Spellathon 2021-22 with WWF to create awareness among younger population in regard to proper waste segregation and disposal.

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