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Lightweight packaging is the approach Ecolean has taken to saving nature’s resources. An Ecolean package weighs 50-60% less than a conventional liquid food package. Reducing the amount of packaging material used, transported and disposed creates great gains in the whole product life cycle. Brand owners using lightweight packaging are not only reporting cost savings but also improved environmental profile, brand image and company reputation among other benefits.

Recycling is a priority for Ecolean as it is essential for the sustainable use of packaging and contributes towards a circular economy. By engaging and sharing knowledge with the recycling industry and working with dedicated recycling projects, we enhance recycling opportunities for our packaging solutions.

Ecolean was founded in 1996 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Innovation has always been fundamental for Ecolean. The concept of using a minimal amount of raw material to produce a unique flexible lightweight package and efficient filling system has been established by people with great knowledge and long experience within the global packaging industry. Today Ecolean is a fast growing and globally expanding company that continuously develops its products in order to meet new customer and consumer demands. In Pakistan, Ecolean is the second largest supplier of packaging solutions for dairy and beverage, with over 100 employees in Lahore.

In Pakistan, Ecolean has been recycling all production waste via Environment Protection Agency (EPA) certified company 3R and 100% of our material production waste is recycled and made into tunnel forming paper. It is used by vegetable farmers in Pakistan. The material allows sunlight to pass through but prevents rainwater, dust or dampness from negatively impacting the crops. Ecolean’s commitment is to use 100% recyclable material by 2030.

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